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Winter is also a good time for holidays.

Especially in Polish mountains. It is not only that you may ski here from 9:00-22:00 every day but also you may experience  wonderful folklore of Polish highlanders. Not to be beaten by any other country. Lots of snow, good food and hot drinks will melt your hearts the same way as mine. Slopes in Italy or Austria are much longer, that is true, but it is only Poland where you may spend the whole day skiing and enjoying good food in the inns at the slopes. And music. Just have a brief look at the pictures and then listen and watch something that I do advertise and recommend.

  1. “Zbójnicki” – Highland Robbers Dance – do not try it at home!

In addition some more dances:

2. Traditional sledge and skiring parade and races.

3. And when you stop in the inn for lunch or dinner you may experience that:

In Tatra Mountains we have many slopes. They spread around a small area. Consequently, you may experience “tour of the slopes”. In other words travelling from slope to slope and then sking there for a short time.

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