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Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting my website. As you are here feel invited!

Consequently, I hope that after visiting it you will decide to see real places.

And, because of that you will consider the option of hiring me.

Then I would be your guide, companion and entertainer in one person.

In other words, that is the idea of private tours in Europe. Well, do not hesitate and come over!

My offer of private tours in Europe.

I offer private tours in Europe that are directed to individuals or small groups.

Then, experience  culture, folklore and cuisine.

More importantly, I can show you them during the travel here!

So, I can also offer you various versions of the tour.

That is to say from  luxurious  to those that are close to nature.

We may use different means of transport: a car, a sailing boat or a horse.

On my website  you may see what you may experience with my assistance.

1.Three cities in Poland

– firstly, the tour includes three  cities in Poland – Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw.

– secondly, beautiful architecture, great people, nice food and drink as well as events.

2 .Three Keiser cities


 – You visit three different countries and  see Cracow, Prague and Vienna.

 – The cities are so different but also so similar.

 – Modern cities but they preserved the spirit of old Keiser Times.

– Where do you stay?

– At the accommodation according to your own choice.

– For example, a hotel, a hostel, an apartment or the village house.

3. Horseriding


Take a ride either in the mountains or in plains in Poland. Then you will be coming back again and again.

4. Sailing

Why not to sail on Polish lakes or at the Croatian coast?


 – Firstly : Tatra Mountains in Poland.

 – Secondly: Nice and joyful local people.

 – Thirdly: Good food.

 – And Above all – folklore!

6.Local cuisine

Are you interested in food and drink? Certainly, you must come to Opole Silesia! 

Most importantly, try astonishingly good and tasty food.

And finally, see places with history.

7.Tour of your dream and request 

When you dream about visiting some places that are not offered as routine touristic spots , I may prepare taylor-made tour for you. Therefore , it is worth using my service!

In other words, I hope you will decide to use my service.