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Horse riding

Horse riding …

And now  my offer of advanturous tourism, certainly a lot of adrenaline, so  I would like to invite you to two magic forms of spending time on horseback. 

1.Horse riding in Bieszczady

It is an offer for those who like freedom and speed on horseback.

One of the most wild and beautiful parts of Poland.

Horses here are strong and eager to go.

There are a lot of possibilities of riding here, from lessons for beginners to long trips in the sadle. You may join the group or ride just with me and the local instructor. Have a look  and you will not regret.

Are you intrested in some more beautiful views from Bieszczady?  Spend more time watching the film below:

2. Historical horse trips and reenacting.


It is always interesting to move back in history so jump into the middle of events happening in the past!

The trip on horseback in the company of people reanacting Polish light cavalry from the between the wars WW1 and WW2 period may give you an incredible experience and occasion to learn about the golden era of the Polish Cavalry  that is to say customs, traditions, every day routine and, above all, many, many stories about the old times make your experience unearthy. After that, you will know more about Polish history, moreover a cavalry  part of it.

Good company of friendly people and certainly food and drink is a value itself and as a result you get an experience of simple and hard life of people travelling in an old style.

Why not to try?

Of course this type of trip is only for good riders, on the other hand, if you are not a rider you may also join the group on the bikes. Therefore , this type of holidays is for everyone!

Are you interested in the historical horse riding?

Would you like to learn more about it?

Watch the film below, enjoy it and dream of joining the brave riders.



Learn more about 19 Regiment of Wolyn Uhlans at the website:

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