Services of a private guide in Europe


Here I would like to show you all the documents showing my professional activities. They are  all in Polish. But at least you may learn about my legal status. 

I am registered in the Ministry of Justice as a sworn translator. That means that I made an oath before a judge to confirm the truth of the documents I translate. Or the speeches or conversations and interviews at the court, police or prosecutor’s office.

Here you may find me on the list of the Ministry of Justice,3.html?City=Opole&Language=1

Here is a document confirming my nomination for a sworn translator

Documents - part II of a certificate

Here is a document that is my tourist guide ID and licence

Tourist guide’s ID and registration of my groups.

The above documents come from the time when I worked for the tour operator “ALMATUR”. On the left you can see confirmation with dates when I guided the groups. Both incoming and outgoing.

Here is a document that is my Skipper’s Card

In Poland we have a system of certification sailors. My skills confirmed by that document allow on sailing any bout on inland waters and small boats on the sea or ocean. However, I do not offer any ocean sailing as I have never been a skipper on the ocean.

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