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Tomasz Sawicki

45-006 Opole, Poland
ul. Książąt Opolskich 48-50
tel. +48608492321

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I live in Opole, the city that is the capital of Opole Voivodeship and the seat of Opole County. With its long history dating back to the 8th century, Opole is one of the oldest cities in Poland. On the other hand it is also the smallest city in Poland to be the largest city in a voivodeship.

The origins of the first settlement date to the time when Casimir I of Opole, the great-grandson of Polish Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth  granted Magdeburg Rights in 1217. During the Medieval Period and the Renaissance the city was  a centre of commerce due to its position on the intersection of several main trade routes, which helped to generate steady profits from transit trade. The rapid development of the town was also caused by the establishment of a seat of regency in Opole in 1816. The first railway connection between Oppeln, Brieg and Breslau was opened in 1843 and the first manufacturing plants were constructed in 1859, which greatly contributed to the city’s regional significance.[3]

The city’s extensive heritage entails almost all cultures of Central Europe including years of Polish, BohemianPrussian and German rule.

From Opole we have 190 km to Cracow, 345 km to Warsaw, 455 km to Vienna, 301 km to Prague, 428 km to Berlin and 643 km to Budapest.

I travel quite ofter to those cities as my family have relatives living there.

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