Services of a private guide in Europe

About me

My name is Tomasz Sawicki.

I do my best to be the best tour guide for Europe . 

I am a Polish citizen of the World. In my life I managed to travel to many countries. Planes, trains, buses, hiking, sailing, driving, riding a bike or a horse that is what I  experienced. I spent altogether about  6 years on visiting many places in Europe, Asia and Africa. I used work in a travel agency as tour operator and as tourist guide. Mostly, I worked for American  Janese, Danish, German and British tourists. That is to say those  coming to Poland. And I got experience allowing me to understand the needs of the people from highly civilized countries.   Because Poland joined the group of such countries tourism in Poland got its good face as well. Thus joining visit to Poland with visits to other European countries is a reasonable idea. And with the best tour guide for Europe.

Morover, for last twenty years I have been running my own company. We deal with education, translating and interpreting. Myself I do a lot of work associated with interpreting high officials in our region. And in my career I had occasion to meet about sixty ambassadors residing in Poland. That  includes American diplomatic service of the Ambassador, Consul General and Secretary of the US Embassy.

And I am an official  translator which means that I also do the legal translations. For instance for courts, police, solicitors and private people. In other words to anyone who needs to certify the conformity of their documents with English versions.

More about me: 

Apart from serious aspects of my job I deal with some lighter aspects, too.

As I love music and performing arts I organized many cultural events and concerts. I am a lyrics writer, composer and singer myself.

I do sports:  

Sailing, horse riding and skiing  and thus such types of spending leisure time is included in my offer, too.

I like history, too.

No wonder, as you may guess, I am a member of reenacting group. We commemorate the history of 19th Regiment of Wołyń Uhlans. I am involved in organizing exhibitions and various outdoor events.

As you may see I am a person you may talk to about various subjects. And not a bore…. I hope.

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