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“Two mansions” trip is a nice jump into the history of Polish literature and a nice visit to Oblęgorek and Nagłowice.

We continue our visit by popping into the house of so-called father of the Polish literature – Mokołaj Rey. He played the same role in Polish literature as the 60 years younger William Shakespeare in English literature.

Rey was very rich, apart from Nagłowice he was an owner of 17 villages. In the catholic Poland he was a calvinist priest, member of Polish parliament and governer. He was one ofthe first Polish writer who wrote only in Polish not in Latin. He used simple language, including vulgar words. In this way he wanted to be close to the simple people.

The Palace of Mikołaj Rey main entrance
Front entrance
Presentation of the clothes from the epoch
Rej’s court of arms
Examples of Rej’s books
Main room
The same room from another angle
And the same room
Raj’s handwriting
Rej’s handwriting
Another example of handwriting
Raj’s bust in the garden
Second building in the park

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