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Visit The Tatra Mountains in Spring!

Is visiting the Tatra Mountains in Spring a good idea? Going to Polish mountains is a good idea in every season of the year. Hiking in such a beautiful surrounding with wonderful views, meeting friendly people, trying local food and drink, enjoying local folklore… what can you dream more about?

Below you may see the map of theTatra Mountains on both sides of the Polish_Slovac border.

Taking easier routes to hike is a good warm up before you go hiking some mountains.

Valley of Small Meadow. Visiting Tatra Mountains in Spring.
Valley of Small Meadow.

When you practised hiking in the low tracks you may take more exhausting routes. Your effort will bring you a reward – outstanding views!

Top of the mountain called Nosal. Visiting Tatra Mountains in Spring.
Top of the mountain called Nosal.

Mountain springs and rivers are good friends to the hikers. Drinking cold and pure water from them and washing faces is a great relief and relax.

If you hot and thirsty...
If you hot and thirsty… no problem you have easy access to clean cold water.

In some more difficults and steep slopes you may encounter elements that ease your hiking.

A bit of wood industry

In some places ...Visiting Tatra Mountains in Spring.
In some places some good people made your hiking less exhausting.

You hike in the National Tatry Park where there is still good policy of managing the natural environment. Some parts of the forests must be cleared and then the wood is obtained for further processing.

Camp fire?
Camp fire? No, not this time.

When you move through the mountains and you are caught by a bad weather you may find a shelter in shepherds’ challets. If you meet them at that time you may be treated with tasty sheep cheese and something to drink to accompany it.

Shelter. Visiting Tatra Mountains in Spring.
You may always find some shelter. Good shepherds are very friendly.

In the higher mountains

The real challenge is “climbing” Giewont. Most tourists who come to Zakopane and hike dream about going there. Well, you must be quite fit to do it. But anyone who succeeds getting to the top there may boast that he is a hero of the mountains!

Next mountain to climb.
Next mountain to climb.

When you stand on the top of a mountain, quite tired, drinking water and having sandwich, you look around and enjoy the wonderful view you have around you. What a joy!!!

No crowds of people. Visiting Tatra Mountains in Spring.
No crowds of people. In spring. Summer is different.

Visiting the Tatra Mountains in Spring is a fun for the hikers who do not like hot weather and crowds of tourists. Zakopane area is called “The winter capitol of Poland” but it is full of tourists in summer as well.

After hiking in the mountains some culinary and folklore attractions

In the Tatra Mountains there are a lot of inns, restaurants and bars that serve local food and not only. When you have your meal you may enjoy the music played live by the small folklore group. Very pleasant experience!

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