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Visit three cities in Poland

Visit three cities in Poland

Cloth Hall Cracow

Old Town Gdańsk

Old Town in Gdańsk

Town Square in Poznań

It is a very interesting tour in the country that has changed so much. Consequently, it has become very friendly for the tourists. But above all, the country  is safe and free of intolerance. Finally attractive and worth seeing.

I would suggest three options:

I. Visit to Warsaw                                                              Cracow                                                  and      Wroclaw

II.  Visit to   Gdansk                                                                        Warsaw                                                                                                                   and   Cracow

III. Visit to   Poznan                                                  Wroclaw                                                                                                                 and     Cracow

Morover, you may also choose your own destinations but these five cities are the most interesting ones. Therefore, let’s concentrate on them.

To help you in taking decision about choosing the option … 

1.Please, watch the film about Warsaw. Then you may continue search through my website or just return to the homepage:

2. Learn more about Cracow, the city of kings, so… :

3.And here is a film about Wroclaw:

4. And the following film is about Gdańsk:

5. Below, please, meet Poznań:

6. See more of Polish Cities and spots:

7. And below another film about Poland. 

8. Well… how about visiting  Polish castles?

9. Subsequently, more  about Polish castles:

If you have any additional requests I can help. And I may arrange any special interest tours. Fo example, visiting salt or coal mine. In addition I can offer a visit to an old brewery or a gas company. And many others.

As a result you may expect a nice time and nice holidays. In other words, no more waiting. Book and come over!