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Castle in Janowiec

If you like unusual stories and places it is worth coming and visiting Castle in Janowiec. Its last owner Leon […]

Visit Tatra Mountains in Spring!

Is visiting Tatra Mountains in Spring a good idea? Going to Polish mountains is a good idea in every season […]

Just a glimpse of Poznań in Poland

Just a glimpse of Poznań in Poland. Take a quick look at some pictures from the city that attracts a […]

All those nice small villages!

Crete? Why not?

Crete? Why not? Hello travellers. If you ever decide to see Greece do not miss that outstanding island. It is […]

Kazimierz Dolny, a small town in the centre of Poland

Kazimierz Dolny? There is a place where I can go… Have the Beatles known that it is Kazimierz in Poland? […]

Holidays in Europe

Holidays in Europe! So many possibilities, from ancient ruins of Acropolis in Athens , through Coliseum in Rome, Palace of […]